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The Marketing Mix in Attorney Resumes

A lawyer resume is an advertisement of a legal professional and is treated as a marketing instrument. The main aim of a resume is to grab the attention of the reader and urge him to hire you. There are some checklists for proofing attorney resumes. Like checking the date, presence of the title of the job applied for, accuracy of personal details, objective statement, presence of job location, presence of relevant qualifications within the objective statement, formatting, inconsistency, structure of the presentation, and irrelevant details and errors. If these are all checked and corrected before the final version is mailed for a Job Application, it will make an impressive first impression.

Lawyer resume tips

Lawyer resumes contain many technical details and experience which needs to be mentioned in detail. In such a case, keeping irrelevant details like a detailed autobiography will just be a waste of time for the employer to go through.

Most common errors that can creep into any lawyer resume are typos or proofreading errors and these are considered as a lack of professionalism and sincerity by the recruiter. While these are the common tips all resume writing services will give you there are some unconventional tips that will help improve an attorney resume. Critical analyzing of a resume is essential. Pick up the role of an English professor and check for each and every sentence, phrase and verb for mistakes. Also check for the human angle and slips made as the resume will carry your attitude and emotions which influence the writing and drafting of resumes. Don’t miss the pitch, or make a blunder like braggadocio, missing level, or under representation of things. Do not show your anxiousness for a particular job in the resume or the cover letter as many employers get agitated by such an attitude.

Writing a Balanced Cover Letter

A cover letter is as important as the resume. There is an art in writing a cover letter and it can reveal a lot about a candidate. If the recruiter spots something against his/her liking in a cover letter, it will reduce the chances of a candidate to receive an interview call. And on the contrary positive impressions created through a cover letter can increase your chances of getting a job. This logic holds true for all Lawyer Resume and also all other professions. If these points are kept in mind and adhered to while writing a resume, I can guarantee that they will lead to a successful job hunt.

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Attorney Jobs – How Not to Keep a Job as an Attorney

“How not to keep a job as an attorney” Amazed? Well you should be. I m sure that you have come across numerous articles on how to keep a job as an attorney but this has to be your first on how not to keep a job. Of the numerous career options available today Law Career seems to be the most promising ones. Not only do they offer you a fat pay cheque but also provides a job satisfaction which is not easy to come by. Law attorneys hence are the most hotshot career choice available today. So what I want to say here is instead of asking why a law attorney star asking yourself why not a law attorney? It isn’t rocket science and trust me you would find it much easier to keep this job rather than lose it.

The most difficult time in a law career is the period after your bar exams. Deciding on a suitable option indeed is not a child’s play. If you haven’t given a thought to attorney jobs we have just the reason for you. Now there are a few things you might be keen on knowing before you actually go for it. Maximum of the law graduates start their careers with temporary or contract attorney jobs. This is the reality of entry level attorney jobs. Once you have proved yourself you might move up the ladder but the beginning has to be from here. After this you can work in the private sector or go for government Attorney Jobs. The private sector has huge scope with huge sums of money and the government job offer you security so both are considered to be equally good in their own ways.

There are numerous examples of attorneys making much more money than that of famous lawyers. So if you have it in you there is no stopping you from being on the top. Just keep striving for hard work with determined efforts and you will have the fattest pay cheque in town.

As a legal attorney you will be required to work towards your clients benefit with precision. Foresee the legal outcomes of every action and use your experience and argumentative skills to take care of all the clients’ legal issues. In the initial stages follow closely the senior and more experienced attorneys as you have a lot to gain from them.

The requirement for attorneys is huge coz today almost every company no matter how big or small it is requires one to take care of their legal issues. The number of these companies is uncountable and so are the opportunities for being a successful attorney. Family solicitors hired by the cream of the society also make a handsome income working just part time in different firms.

The field an attorney goes into very much depends upon the specialization he/she has in a particular field. So you see being an attorney is not all that tough.

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Paralegal Jobs – How to Succeed as a Paralegal

The paralegal field being persistent in nurturing its eminence and value has suppressed the ill-effects of the prolonging trimmed job opportunities in other fields in the new global economy. The Paralegal Jobs field have grown immensely in terms of importance of it. The paralegal jobs emerges as the hotspot for the job searchers lately.

If you are not properly shaped and stenciled for the work then it’s petty of being a keen interest in the paralegal careers. There should be clear and proper outline of the paralegal field in you and the basic know-how must be there to grasp the field fast. If you are mulling over the paralegal career, you should always be look out for the key to how to be a top notch paralegal.

Below is the list of some of the top characteristics for you to outshine in this exigent and gratifying profession. These might help you to surpass this field.

People Skills

Public Interactions and Relations is one of the most basic search talents for most of the recruits in most of the jobs. I today’s work areas, people should have the aptitude to work in sync with the other professionals in the working arena. The work as a paralegal is also the same. The aspect concerning research is the biggest criteria in this field, but interaction and communication with different people is a possession to excel this field. The paralegal is the connection between the client and the lawyer for various duties and obligations. To be precise, the clients could be providing you with their statements having queries and feedbacks and then you have to make sure to reach them to lawyers. You would be a supplementary to the lawyers in directing the clients’ trepidations and questions.

Research, Research, Research

Don’t you like researching about stuffs? Don’t you like to get in depth of topics? No? Then you are just not seeing the right option as your career. Paralegal Jobs of any kind such as entry level paralegal jobs or corporate paralegal jobs or etc would not find you the best fit in for it. To outshine this field you should love getting into the depth of a situation or a topic. You must possess the ability to think outside the given domain to get those extra imperative veiled facts that definitely helps the cases you are given to research on. Internet today makes the process of the term ‘Research’ much easier nowadays but still some old vintage methods like spooling through newspapers on microfiche down at the public library etc. are still in use.

Self Starter

You are the type of kid who doesn’t complete his homework until his mom stands behind and watches you over? Then I am sorry you are wasting your time in thinking to be a paralegal. If you think it’s your boss who will push you hard and then you would bother to do and give your 100%, then you should forget being a paralegal. You have to get yourself busy and start and finish your work own with a self motivation and wish, rather a compulsion of having to do a work. Most of the owners and attorneys you will be working in the future as a paralegal, would not be having that much of time to give the once over your advancement of your work.

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Director marketing jobs

In this article we shall learn in detail about the above mentioned job profile. A person working in this position is expected to report to the executive director. Let us have a brief look at his duties and responsibilities.

The person is expected to supervise and direct the total marketing strategies and there are quite a number of corporate communication programs, there are many client service programs through which marketing is facilitated by them. Duties are expected to change but a small outline of their basic duties can be readily defined for your better understanding.

The annual marketing firm has to be designed and facilitated by them. Section business and marketing plans are supposed to be designed and then its implementation is also required to be carried out by them.

The marketing operation’s budgets are required to be monitored by a person working in this post and regional marketing budgets along with its support system are also expected to be formulated by the personnel.

For any kind of organization it is important to get involved in charitable work. It is a part of their corporate social responsibilities. So the director marketer is also required to oversee these kinds of works as well.

For the betterment of interaction a client service section has to be formulated where surveys has to be conducted to find out more about client satisfaction, development activities and special events and lastly client skills development activities.

The REP protocol process has to be supervised and this should also include soliciting RFPs from expected prospective clients. New business proposals are written for the planning and presentation conferences and sessions when once assigned to them.

There are many ways in which these personnel are expected to oversee business development activities actually. They are expected to aid the attorneys in strategic planning for beauty contests and client presentations. Coaching sessions should be held for client’s meetings and presentations. They need to work with regional offices on designing and implementing the contact systems for clients and prospective clients. They need to help the business coordinator as well if it is demanded from them.

The corporate communication activities also require some amount of supervision with the help of the communication coordinator. External vendors and consultants are expected to be handled, public relations effort is tremendous and both external and internal communication systems have to be properly empowered.

A marketing data base which carries information of clients and mailing list applications or financial report news are required to be developed by the director marketer.

He is expected to assist the involvement of firm in many different kinds of legal networks where business development has to be coordinated through different marketing strategies relationship with potential customers have to be developed.

They need to plan the quarterly marketing training seminars in order to assist the attorneys.

The electronic marketing efforts of the firm are expected to be supervised by them and website designing is also another important thing that requires some amount of maintenance.

All these works are expected when working in this position.

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Top 10 list of marketing careers

Marketing career can be a real promising and well defined path for a person. In marketing the challenges are different and the methods adopted to treat them and handle them are also widely different. If you are looking for a career in marketing then this article has something really useful and good to offer you. We have listed the top 10 marketing jobs, and you can choose to have a look at it and decide for yourself.

Work of a marketing manager- Conde Naste New York

The work of brand advertising, ROI marketing, subscription marketing, and search marketing work has to be executed by the marketing manager. This work demands a professional who has good analytical skills. The person must have an experience of 3 years in the field of research marketing.

Director marketing professional required for spectrum brands Inc.

A very good level of organizational skill is demanded for this job. The communication and presentation skill should be excellent. A bachelor degree is a must but an MBA degree would be highly appreciated. 7 to 9 years of experience in brand marketing is desired for this job. Location is Bridgetown MO.

For whole food markets marketing specialist is required

Expected to adopt marketing strategies and oversee the food products for the customers. Regional marketing work is expected to be done by them. The person must have an eye for detail and should be flexible if duties are modified to some extent.

Internet marketing specialist required

Canon USA is looking for the above. The person must have some knowledge about product specific marketing in this case. He is required to coordinate with CIG groups. A bachelor’s degree or an experience of 3 to 5 years is demanded for this work.

Marketing coordinator required

For CB Richard Ellis organization a marketing coordinator is required. The person must be proficient with the use of PowerPoint and should have great interactive skills. It is expected that the person should be able to analyze all kinds of business documents.

For university of southern California a marketing coordinator is desired

The salary has been decided as 23 to 26 dollars per hour. The professional is expected to work with the marketing counsel and USC clinical enterprise since it has got to do with the health industry. A minimum bachelor’s degree has been demanded for this job.

For UC San Diego a director marketing and comm. Personnel required.

The Rady School of management is ready to pay an amount of $82,800 to $105,000 for the above post. A minimum graduate degree is required for this job.

Marketing/ communications spec

A salary of $42,000 to $58,671 annually is being offered for this post by the top ranked university of California, San Diego. A bachelor’s degree in communications is demanded with good exposure in public relations for this job.

Consumer marketing manager

Conde Nast’s department of consumer marketing demands the above and a full time job is being offered to candidates who have experience in relevant field for 3 years.

Senior integrated marketing manager at Conde Nast

The candidate must have great project management skill for the above full time post.

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Job Profile for Advertising Jobs

Advertising is one sector with upfront creativity and spontaneity, it fluctuates, changes, varies from time and to time, and is counted as the “selling cost” of a commodity.

Well that’s in economics, but as the jobs include advertising sales reps, copywriters, advertising sales director, entry level jobs, advertising manager, executive, supervisor, publishing, account executive, assistant, analyst, content-writing, consultant, operations, and retail executive jobs, advertising job profile adhere to certain requisites.

You obviously wouldn’t get an executive post right after you graduate from an advertising school, but you can start at the base level then work your way up to different levels.

The work

Advertising work requires a lot of tolerance, and smartness on your part, as you would subject to working spontaneously, and be quick and immediate in briefing and planning. If you are an advertising sales rep then your work would be based on establishing a good clientele, and cracking the deal outright. Remember, the “selling cost”?

This is what your client is undertaking, and you have to convince him for more, and better, that’s exactly from where you have to rope in bigger possibilities serving as the intermediary between the customer and client.

Technical know-how about sales figures, sales accomplishments, target sectors, and follow-up is crucial. If you look into the job of an advertising sales director, or an advertising director, the focus of that post would be supervisory, and creating and placing ads would be the prime concern.

Levels of work

Whether you have specialized in sales or in graphics or in publishing or in media, an advertising job requires overall functioning of the position. It means you have to work your way through from making telephone calls, and e-mailing clients, to making plans and sales charts and account figures, drafts and contracts.

Mainly, advertising account executives focus on accounts, consultants provide strategies, publishers enthrall upon print media, and sales reps work on marketing and sales process, and a director plans and places, and looks after the overall process.

The job can also be conducted on-site, with web portals etc, and there an ad sales rep works to get clients, take up slots and ad spaces on the internet. Not only this, but in this job you have to be ready for additional responsibilities like coordinating staff, making various reports, and checking status of campaign constantly.

Opportunities you’ll have

Working in an advertising agency would be beneficial as you can earn lucrative salaries depending upon your post, size and demography of your agency. Advertising employment is mainly based in media, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, web portals, on-site work, and TV or radio stations.

You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism and minimum experience and for directorial posts, min. 5years of field experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) advertising jobs promise an increment, in various sectors, so you can vouch for it.

Advertising employment opportunities come to you if you are ready to work upfront always, be available 24×7, and are innovative.

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Online Job Search – How to Seek a Job Online

The internet has become a new place for manager wannabies and the job seeker alike who want to capitalize on the new growth engine. Online job hunting has bred a new generation of job seekers who are more than willing to use their online activities for their benefit and ultimately getting a job of their dreams. And thankfully, the internet is obliging too!

The basic and the simplest way to get a job online are to create a resume, upload it and wait for the responses. However, it is not really that simple (in case you were wondering otherwise). Think of it – how will the employer or even the website algorithm search for the ‘best’ resume of the ones in its database. The software (the algorithm) is not yet developed enough to be called Artificial Intelligence. Therefore the main work actually starts after you post your resume online.

Here are some good tips to help you with getting help from the best online job search:

  • Search Engines: Search engines today, work on the principle of indexing. Indexing helps them search faster and a lot more websites than that was ever possible. Good news? Search engines do help one who is seeking a job. Bad news? The top 10 content are mainly advertisement sites that know how to play with the keywords, thus fulfilling the search engine’s search algorithm criteria. But now with SEO or Search Engine Optimization in place, website designers have become a lot stronger and technology savvy. That basically translates to a better search experience with loads of information that you would actually want.

When searching for jobs on the internet, try to understand the basic framework of the website that will open up plenty of opportunities for you!

  • Resume Editing: Uploading resume? Make sure you visit that site regularly, if not daily and keep editing and adding some useful information that will help you gather ‘leads’ of potential employers that do rounds on the website. Regular editing will help underline the fact that you’re pretty serious and professional about your job. The employers undoubtedly read – conviction, in the case mentioned!
  • Social Networking: If you thought social networking was for teenagers or even just for hanging out with friends online, you’re in all probability wrong. Social media sites have today become one of the hottest grounds of job searching and employment. It is a win-win scenario where the site and the content developers get paid for their work and the users get paid in the form of a secure and stable job (employers do background checks on the candidate employed).

E-mails: Time to turn from the hot/cool email id to more professional tone ones. The email ids you use had strangely become a detrimental factor for many employers who felt that unprofessional sounding ids were a clear indicator of the candidate’s seriousness with jobs. This ‘belief’ might have changed but why take a risk at all. So get one good email id when engaging in correspondence with any employer.

Search Jobs in

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Construction Worker Jobs – Myths about Working in Construction Jobs

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of the construction worker? Invariably, it is an image of a rugged man with tools, strong hands, wearing a helmet and perched precariously on top of a high rise being constructed! Yes, the construction worker has been stereotyped a lot, but is it all that a construction worker does or can do? There are some myths to be busted about construction worker jobs and getting one.

  • Most of the construction workers are prone to grievous injuries: Not always does a construction worker sit at the top of a skyscraper busy bolting and welding joints. Yes, they do but today the safety aspect has gone up tremendously. At least some claim the job to be better than sitting at the computer and spoiling your eyesight in the bargain! Debates apart, if all safety measures are followed, there is little chance that the construction worker is exposed to a dangerous situation at all!
  • Worker exploitation is more: With the amount of physical labor going in, one might very well think that construction workers are an exploited workforce. Maybe some decades back, the fear was obvious but not now since the concept of trade and labor unions came into effect. That is one thing that employers detest but they have to because every worker has rights and that has to be respected. If you consider worker exploitation, it is the other way round with IT jobs exploiting workers more than physical laborers – at least a recent survey says so!
  • It is not fit for the fairer sex: Maybe the fairer sex cannot contribute by holding the liquid concrete pipe, but they can sometimes be an asset to the organization by giving important inputs on the design and simulation front!
  • A cubicle job is any day better than an on-site job: Not if you consider the lifestyle problems that come with a cubicle job. At least, the workers don’t complain of drug abuse, extended working hours, too much job pressure, obesity and other similar diseases.
  • You don’t need much education to enter a construction job: This is completely baseless. As much as a software market requires a Masters candidate, so does the construction job. In fact sometimes more because there you’re not working on simulations but real brick and mortar! And a little mistake can pull down a whole building!

Construction jobs offer the least security: Developing countries are further creating more jobs than ever, owing to their need for infrastructure development. Construction jobs are at an all time high and there is a huge need for manpower in this field quite contrary to what many think. Work might not go on forever at construction site but that does not mean that with a project completion, the termination of a worker is obvious. In fact, if you’re with a firm, you can continue to work at places where the firm has been awarded contracts.

Search Construction Worker Jobs in USA States&rd=0

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Legal Careers – 5 Ways to Get Your Legal Career to Take Off

Which is the field you are interested in? If you are searching for a good career option then you always need to make sure that you choose something which suits your characteristics traits. There are certain career options which have become quite popular these days.

Lots of people are trying their hands in these careers. If you are energetic and if you are ready to face challenges and work with complete dedication then legal careers can be one of your choices.

The need for lawyers has increased a lot and this is the reason why the legal jobshave become so popular. You can look for these jobs on the internet and even in the newspaper.

But you must always remember that if you want to get into this field you need to be very studious and get good marks throughout your student life. Legal careers are not bound in a single profession. There are different kinds of things that you can do in this field. You might have an idea about the paralegal.

There are lots of people who do not have much interest in becoming a lawyer but still they want to be in the legal field. The best choice for these people is the paralegal work. They serve as the assistants to the lawyers and without them the lawyers cannot do anything.

But there are certain ways which you need to follow to get your legal careers to have a sound take off. First of all it is important to be good in studies. You need to achieve success in your high school as well as in your graduation course.

Before you enter the law school you might study any subject according to your choice. If you are interested in becoming a lawyer then you must always find out about the different types of lawyers that are required by the society.

You can specialize in any particular field and become the kind of lawyer you want to be. The third way which you can take is keep a good interest in studies even after you leave the law school. The more you study the more you will gain knowledge about the kind of cases that you might have to deal with.

Your local library can be of good help in this case. A good research about the previous cases is always a good way to gather knowledge about this profession. Other than research you can also join some courses which will help you understand the business in a better way.

It is also important that you take some computer course because being a lawyer you might have to work on a lot of documents and typing. Finally if you interested in legal career then you might have to sacrifice a lot on your personal front.

Other than the attorney jobs you can even try for the alternative legal careers which are equally important today. You have a good career scope in these alternative legal jobs as well.

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The Refined Generation

As parents, we all want more and better for our children.  And, with each new generation, more and better is possible.  Today’s toddlers are going to be far better prepared for their careers, they will have more options and more confidence to define their own careers.  One New York school, La Petite Ecole, located on the city’s upper west side, is working to ensure that happens.  The school, opened for less than a month, is for toddlers who are only just beginning to speak the English language, but who will also learn French as they grasp their native languages.  Two, three and four year olds are also learning about contemporary art and refined living as a whole.  The school’s goal is to “create a stimulating environment”.  A. Harrison Barnes says it’s a golden opportunity for parents and educators to take advantage of as they seek to ensure versatility and culture are instilled at a young age.  Virgial de Voldere, the school’s owner, says this is the time to expand a “visual vocabulary” in a young person’s life.  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and president of, says it’s also the perfect time to instill those life skills that will serve these children well as they grow into adults.

As the nation looks for ways to bring global math and reading scores up, we can expect these boutique schools to begin popping up around the country.  It’s a way to get a head start on educating today’s little ones.  Tuition for the school is just over $16,000 annually and the “school day” is a three and a half hour morning session.  Currently, the facility has five students, but the goal is to increase that to around twelve students.  While the children are younger than kindergarten age, the school does accept children up to ten years old.  Not only do they learn about art appreciation and learn to speak French, but they will also gain skills for preparing authentic French dishes.

So is this too much too soon?  A. Harrison Barnes says it’s a golden idea and that too many times, adults underestimate the potential of a young child.  “While no one is suggesting giving a six year old free rein of the kitchen, parents can include their children in more of the mundane routines of daily life – and ideally, it will become anything but predictable and mundane.  Besides, parents just might learn a cooking tip from their toddlers”.  Child psychologists agree.  These early skills lay the perfect foundation for an educated, focused and ambitious generation who will grow up well rounded, mature and open to all the good things life can offer.  They will easily tackle tough challenges in their career choices and they will be better prepared to make those big life decisions.  This generation could very well be one of the most confident yet.

The founder also believes this is crucial as more careers are looking for those employees who are willing to relocate or travel to other parts of the world, making it a win-win for everyone.

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