Wednesday April 24, 2024

The Marketing Mix in Attorney Resumes

A lawyer resume is an advertisement of a legal professional and is treated as a marketing instrument. The main aim of a resume is to grab the attention of the reader and urge him to hire you. There are some checklists for proofing attorney resumes. Like checking the date, presence of the title of the […]

Attorney Jobs – How Not to Keep a Job as an Attorney

“How not to keep a job as an attorney” Amazed? Well you should be. I m sure that you have come across numerous articles on how to keep a job as an attorney but this has to be your first on how not to keep a job. Of the numerous career options available today Law […]

Paralegal Jobs – How to Succeed as a Paralegal

The paralegal field being persistent in nurturing its eminence and value has suppressed the ill-effects of the prolonging trimmed job opportunities in other fields in the new global economy. The Paralegal Jobs field have grown immensely in terms of importance of it. The paralegal jobs emerges as the hotspot for the job searchers lately. If […]

Director marketing jobs

In this article we shall learn in detail about the above mentioned job profile. A person working in this position is expected to report to the executive director. Let us have a brief look at his duties and responsibilities. The person is expected to supervise and direct the total marketing strategies and there are quite […]

Top 10 list of marketing careers

Marketing career can be a real promising and well defined path for a person. In marketing the challenges are different and the methods adopted to treat them and handle them are also widely different. If you are looking for a career in marketing then this article has something really useful and good to offer you. […]

Job Profile for Advertising Jobs

Advertising is one sector with upfront creativity and spontaneity, it fluctuates, changes, varies from time and to time, and is counted as the “selling cost” of a commodity. Well that’s in economics, but as the jobs include advertising sales reps, copywriters, advertising sales director, entry level jobs, advertising manager, executive, supervisor, publishing, account executive, assistant, […]

Online Job Search – How to Seek a Job Online

The internet has become a new place for manager wannabies and the job seeker alike who want to capitalize on the new growth engine. Online job hunting has bred a new generation of job seekers who are more than willing to use their online activities for their benefit and ultimately getting a job of their […]

Construction Worker Jobs – Myths about Working in Construction Jobs

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of the construction worker? Invariably, it is an image of a rugged man with tools, strong hands, wearing a helmet and perched precariously on top of a high rise being constructed! Yes, the construction worker has been stereotyped a lot, but is […]

Legal Careers – 5 Ways to Get Your Legal Career to Take Off

Which is the field you are interested in? If you are searching for a good career option then you always need to make sure that you choose something which suits your characteristics traits. There are certain career options which have become quite popular these days. Lots of people are trying their hands in these careers. […]

The Refined Generation

As parents, we all want more and better for our children.  And, with each new generation, more and better is possible.  Today’s toddlers are going to be far better prepared for their careers, they will have more options and more confidence to define their own careers.  One New York school, La Petite Ecole, located on […]