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A lawyer resume is an advertisement of a legal professional and is treated as a marketing instrument. The main aim of a resume is to grab the attention of the reader and urge him to hire you. There are some checklists for proofing attorney resumes. Like checking the date, presence of the title of the job applied for, accuracy of personal details, objective statement, presence of job location, presence of relevant qualifications within the objective statement, formatting, inconsistency, structure of the presentation, and irrelevant details and errors. If these are all checked and corrected before the final version is mailed for a Job Application, it will make an impressive first impression.

Lawyer resume tips

Lawyer resumes contain many technical details and experience which needs to be mentioned in detail. In such a case, keeping irrelevant details like a detailed autobiography will just be a waste of time for the employer to go through.

Most common errors that can creep into any lawyer resume are typos or proofreading errors and these are considered as a lack of professionalism and sincerity by the recruiter. While these are the common tips all resume writing services will give you there are some unconventional tips that will help improve an attorney resume. Critical analyzing of a resume is essential. Pick up the role of an English professor and check for each and every sentence, phrase and verb for mistakes. Also check for the human angle and slips made as the resume will carry your attitude and emotions which influence the writing and drafting of resumes. Don’t miss the pitch, or make a blunder like braggadocio, missing level, or under representation of things. Do not show your anxiousness for a particular job in the resume or the cover letter as many employers get agitated by such an attitude.

Writing a Balanced Cover Letter

A cover letter is as important as the resume. There is an art in writing a cover letter and it can reveal a lot about a candidate. If the recruiter spots something against his/her liking in a cover letter, it will reduce the chances of a candidate to receive an interview call. And on the contrary positive impressions created through a cover letter can increase your chances of getting a job. This logic holds true for all Lawyer Resume and also all other professions. If these points are kept in mind and adhered to while writing a resume, I can guarantee that they will lead to a successful job hunt.

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