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As parents, we all want more and better for our children.  And, with each new generation, more and better is possible.  Today’s toddlers are going to be far better prepared for their careers, they will have more options and more confidence to define their own careers.  One New York school, La Petite Ecole, located on the city’s upper west side, is working to ensure that happens.  The school, opened for less than a month, is for toddlers who are only just beginning to speak the English language, but who will also learn French as they grasp their native languages.  Two, three and four year olds are also learning about contemporary art and refined living as a whole.  The school’s goal is to “create a stimulating environment”.  A. Harrison Barnes says it’s a golden opportunity for parents and educators to take advantage of as they seek to ensure versatility and culture are instilled at a young age.  Virgial de Voldere, the school’s owner, says this is the time to expand a “visual vocabulary” in a young person’s life.  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and president of, says it’s also the perfect time to instill those life skills that will serve these children well as they grow into adults.

As the nation looks for ways to bring global math and reading scores up, we can expect these boutique schools to begin popping up around the country.  It’s a way to get a head start on educating today’s little ones.  Tuition for the school is just over $16,000 annually and the “school day” is a three and a half hour morning session.  Currently, the facility has five students, but the goal is to increase that to around twelve students.  While the children are younger than kindergarten age, the school does accept children up to ten years old.  Not only do they learn about art appreciation and learn to speak French, but they will also gain skills for preparing authentic French dishes.

So is this too much too soon?  A. Harrison Barnes says it’s a golden idea and that too many times, adults underestimate the potential of a young child.  “While no one is suggesting giving a six year old free rein of the kitchen, parents can include their children in more of the mundane routines of daily life – and ideally, it will become anything but predictable and mundane.  Besides, parents just might learn a cooking tip from their toddlers”.  Child psychologists agree.  These early skills lay the perfect foundation for an educated, focused and ambitious generation who will grow up well rounded, mature and open to all the good things life can offer.  They will easily tackle tough challenges in their career choices and they will be better prepared to make those big life decisions.  This generation could very well be one of the most confident yet.

The founder also believes this is crucial as more careers are looking for those employees who are willing to relocate or travel to other parts of the world, making it a win-win for everyone.

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