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One should be aware of the fact that the job market has many things in store for you. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person you should always have the knowledge of making your search fruitful. You should not think that either you or anybody knows everything. Only the people related to legal employment can offer you with correct advice. But every person has a different advice to give. You just need to keep an open mind while searching for a job; this will help you not to make mistakes that are made by most.

A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, suggests that one must avoid seven legal job search mistakes in order to get the best legal jobs out there. Firstly, often the legal job seekers do not look for the appropriate job search based on the areas of specialization such as cyber crime, intellectual property rights, or patents. If one conducts a search that is not focused then one will not find a suitable job opening resulting in disappointment. You may also be forced to relocate to a different place or even have to practice at the area you do not enjoy working in. You can also end up being in a firm with less pay and no advancement at all. Hence this can be avoided with Legal Authority.

Secondly, the legal job applicants often do not have much to choose from while they are conducting a job search. Every city has many law firms and corporations with legal departments that are looking for employees. There are thousands of them – both small and big firms. Most of these legal law firms are always hiring. But if you think that the right employer for you is the one who has posted a job opening on any of the legal job boards then you are definitely wrong.

A. Harrison Barnes says that if there are 1,000 law firms, then out of it, at least 25-50% of them will be hiring at the same time. But one will be able to find only 2-5% of these positions even after doing their homework well. It is here that the problem lies. Here, the comes in. They give access to the other huge percentage of the market. The clients using this website are amazed with the results when they tap into this market. Access to this market through their website will bring a change into the life of the clients.

Thirdly, the legal job applicants do not take time to prepare the professional application material. One cannot simply send the resume with few words written in it, while seeking for a job that would pay you thousands of dollars. One should realize that he/she are not applying for any normal job but to be an attorney in a firm. While judging the application, the employer looks at every single detail – how well one writes, the formatting and the way the language is used. Thus, by A. Harrison Barnes helps prepare resumes for their clients. The ones who prepare the resume are highly qualified. This will help in giving a good impact on the people judging your resume and legal cover letter.

Fourthly, legal job applicants do not follow appropriate legal job marketing strategies for which experience and knowledge are required. One can get the knowledge from the employment advocates of In an hour of conversation with the employment advocate one may gain enough knowledge and they will lay you with enough experience. This conversation will be very effective for most of the attorneys do not have enough idea of how to strategically market themselves.

Fifthly, the legal job seekers have this fear of being rejected according to A. Harrison Barnes. Most of the attorneys who are practicing law live with a fear that they will be rejected. Thus, they apply to only those organizations which they think won’t reject them. But one has to come out of the fear or else on e will lose many better opportunities. If one is vulnerable will help get the person the best job he/she deserves.

Sixthly, the legal job seekers have to understand that the legal employer is running a business. Like any other business they aim at profits. So while applying in the firm one has to understand that the employer is going to use them to increase their own assets.

Finally, relying on family and friends is not advisable for it may sometimes lead to problems. Thus, one should ask for advice from an experienced individual or professional. Legal Authority makes the job hunt easy for you by providing you with good career advice to help the candidate.

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