Saturday May 25, 2024

We’ve all heard about the importance of our body language during an interview.  Few of us, however, are even consciously aware of how we come across.  Chalk it up to nerves or just wanting to make a really good impression and forgetting everything we knew about doing so, but too many times, we completely miss […]

When Your Mistake Costs the Company

Anyone in customer service knows there comes a time when, despite the most noble of intentions, a customer will become frustrated or even take out their ill mood on us.  One minute, you’re happily assisting a customer who ordered the wrong size dress and the very next customer is someone who you swear woke up […]

Calling all Interns!

Ah, the intern.  Fresh faced, eager to learn and ready to put college behind them so that they can finally put their educations to good use.  Before you begin your intern, however, there are some things that first of all, you’ve already been told and secondly, it’s worth mentioning again.  Too many times, college interns, […]

What’s Going on in Mobile, AL?

Mobile, AL, best known for its big city atmosphere, but friendly down home folks, is facing some tough problems in the county’s District Attorney’s office.  Actually, several of the area’s community leaders are facing serious charges, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder.   In early May 2010, former Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine was […]

Wal Mart’s Class Action Sex Discrimination Suit

In late August, 2010, Wal Mart appealed a decision handed down by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled a class action gender discrimination lawsuit against the retail giant could move forward.  The case is waiting to go before the United States Supreme Court in early 2011.  The decision says that more than one […]

Why Public Relations Matter from a Legal Perspective

Now that Toyota is facing even more recalls, how will the American people react?  More importantly, why do we tend to be a bit more lenient towards the automaker when it seems the nation as a whole is out for blood with the folks from BP, who’s being held accountable for the massive oil spill […]

The Importance of Giving Back

A recent article in Motion Magazine, entitled Lawyers Giving Back: Barrister Book Buddies, spoke of one Farmington Hills, Michigan law firm and its efforts of giving back.  The firm, Kaufman, Payton & Chapa, makes a weekly visit to the Detroit-area school and spends several hours reading to and assisting students in their own efforts at […]

The Role of Court Administrators

Court administrators play an integral role within the American justice system, but it wasn’t until 1968, when United States Chief Justice Warren Burger decided this role should be defined – and then filled – by those who could effectively shoulder some of the administrative aspects of a court.  “Judges are already overwhelmed with an ever-growing […]

The Link Between Late Payments and Job Security

If we didn’t believe it before, there’s  no denying now that in order to get a good idea of what the job market’s doing, all one needs to do is take a look at the trends in foreclosures and late payments.  The Associated Press is reporting that ten percent of homeowners have missed at least […]

How the Better Business Bureau Can Help With Your Job Search

There’s nothing worse than spending valuable time following a job lead only to discover it’s not anything like you thought it would be or worse, that it’s unethical and the company has a less than stellar reputation.  While we rely on our networks to gain information on which companies and businesses are hiring in our […]