Saturday May 25, 2024

Ultrasound Technician

If you’re considering going into the medical field and aren’t sure which avenue to pursue, there’s one choice you might not have considered: becoming an ultrasound technician.  We’re put together some of the facts about this exciting career and as A. Harrison Barnes, founder of, explains, your options after completing your educational requirements are […]

Accounting Audit Jobs

Find Accounting Audit Jobs, compliance jobs, officer or analyst jobs in our

Environmental Psychologists

Does the perfect jury exist? If you’re a psychologist who’s opted to combine a psychological background with the American legal sector, you know that if it’s not completely possible, your skills have allowed both the prosecution and defense to come really close to putting together that perfect jury. Judging by just a few of the […]

Empower Your Employees

The phrase, “empower your employees” has become somewhat controversial, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of the renowned job aggregate site Many employers take exception to those who insist it’s their role to empower their employees. The purpose, however, seems to get lost in translation. While it’s certainly not an employer’s responsibility […]

By the Numbers: Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School is the prince among higher learning institutions of the world. Few lawyers don’t dream of displaying a Harvard diploma on their walls. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is the country’s second oldest law school in the country. Not only that, but it also houses the largest law library in the world, says […]

A Growing Sector in the Legal Profession

No one was surprised to see bankruptcy, unemployment and even divorce lawyers grow their practices in the past few years. In the midst of all of the emotional decisions brought on by strained divorces and job losses, another sector of the law profession was quietly growing, too. Animal rights lawyers have been seeing steady increases […]

Landing that Coveted Internship is Only the Beginning

All that hard work paid off and now, you’re gearing up for a summer internship with the law firm of your dreams. Before you get too settled, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney, career coach and founder of, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to land a full time job next year. […]

Claims Processors for the Gulf Coast Region – Part 3 in a Series of 4

Earlier this month, BP announced its plans to amp up efforts of paying claims to those residents along the five coastal states who have suffered financial losses as a result of the Gulf oil spill. With billions set aside strictly for the use of paying out these claims, there is a need for those who […]

High Paying Nursing Jobs

Nursing is a profession that only the most qualified apply for, there is a measure of caring and kindness that must be presented before a person can undertake the educational requirements. The fact that people are always going to get sick and need care is an advantage to those who want to seek a career […]

Relocating Your Legal Career

Before you start searching for a law job, you need to consider certain basic things. These include your compensation, your profile, your career growth and your willingness to relocate. Are you ready to relocate for your legal career? You need to give it a serious thought. Carefully weigh the advantages of such relocation and the […]