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In early January 2010, Chrysler hired nearly 600 engineers in an effort to rebuild after the significant downsizing efforts of 2008 and 2009. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach

and attorney, says the automaker is now through its bankruptcy and has a revamped management foundation. It appears as though the industry giant has pulled through. The Detroit Auto Show held in January 2010 would substantiate that belief, too. At one point during the massive automobile show, Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler CEO, was quoted as saying, “I need bodies to make these cars”.

Looks like the other two-thirds of the Big 3 are attempting to stage a rebound, as well. Mark Reuss, Chevrolet spokesperson says its current employee numbers can’t uphold the demand for many of the Chevy models and the goal is to begin major hiring efforts again.  For now though, the company is focused on continuing to raise demand for the carmaker’s models. While Chevrolet is contemplating its options, Ford is celebrating its most recent award, the 2010 Car of the Year. Its Fusion Hybrid is wowing folks while the number crunchers are announcing firm plans to increase production by 58% this year.

So does this mean will soon include job opportunities from the Detroit powerhouses? It’s certainly possible according to A. Harrison Barnes. “Our award winning sites attract employers of all sizes from around the globe, and certainly the big players in every American sector”. Hopefully, 2010 will be the year for rebounds in each of these sectors and will result in bringing employment numbers up to pre-recession levels.  Watch for an increase in engineer jobs, office jobs and blue-collar jobs. Our country was built on the efforts of the working man, so it stands to reason a rebuild follows that same concept. At any rate, Barnes is optimistic. “Recessions only feel like they last forever and while we’re still feeling the results, we’re also beginning to feel the lessening effects.”

In the meantime, the goal for many is to update their resumes and polish their interview skills .  This is another way can help. Part of the site’s offerings includes an impressive group who provide resume assistance. With feedback from employers across the country, the service is able to fine tune resumes so that they contain exactly what employers look for while keeping unnecessary or dated information out. It’s an edge that works and proof is in the number of job offers as a result of these revised resumes. Its sister sites, and, are also picking up momentum now that the holidays have passed and more of us are becoming tunnel-visioned in our employment efforts.

While Chrysler continues to open up engineer jobs, Ford continues with its award winning efforts and Chevrolet moves forward with its own plant re-openings and new hiring efforts, we all remain optimistic of this being a strong sign that not only the recession beginning to fade, but hopes of the job market’s long anticipated rebound as well.

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