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Looking for a challenging career that’s versatile and allows you to wear several hats? Take a look at the new definition of an administrative assistant, says A. Harrison Barnes, founder of The well known and respected career coach says the days of making coffee and typing letters are long gone; today’s admin assistant is versatile, visible and very much in demand.

Many administrative assistants are finding themselves scouting meeting locations, hotels and other venues for their employers. Many are bi-lingual and are capable of speaking with their company’s international customers fluently. They have buying power for their employers and can approve big money contracts with suppliers and clients. And they’re commanding big salaries.

Their skill sets include advanced computer skills, marketing skills, human resources and even accounting skills. Many are gaining these diverse capabilities via experience, but there are those who are preparing to enter the work force with continuing education courses included in their resumes. It allows them to move up the proverbial corporate ladder faster as well as negotiate better salaries from the beginning.

Senior administrative assistants, says A. Harrison Barnes, are presenting with impressive resumes as they become a part of the network. They have outstanding writing skills, they’re creative, organized, detailed and work better under pressure than some of the vice presidents or other management they report to. They can effectively supervise others, conduct interviews, schedule travel and ensure their offices work flawlessly.

In law firms, the legal secretaries work closely with paralegals as they help the attorneys prepare for court cases, witness interviews and client meetings. They can assist with finding the right court cases for the attorneys to submit as precedence and they prepare legal notifications, blue backs and other correspondence.

In a health care setting, medical secretaries work with doctors and nurses as they document patients’ time spent in a hospital or their visits to the physician’s office. They have a thorough understanding of medical coding procedures and can easily read a doctor’s handwriting that to anyone else looks like nothing more than scribble. While they don’t regularly come in contact with patients, they have the right personalities to practice patience and kindness. They work with drug representatives and ensure the medical office is in compliance with all necessary federal and state guidelines. They often do payroll, accounts payables and receivables. They generally know all of the business aspects of the doctor’s office or hospital and can successfully juggle those responsibilities.

Are you ready to begin your administrative career? has thousands of jobs available right now. Your new career could be just a few clicks away. Take advantage of the article database or submit your resume to the experienced team of employment professionals to ensure it’s the best it can be. See for yourself why administrative assistants are the reason business runs smoothly.

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