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Anyone who has ever owned or worked for a small business knows the distinct differences from larger conglomerates. Indeed, our country is built on the small business model. But what does the future hold for the traditional mom and pop businesses? According to many, including career coach A. Harrison Barnes, it’s all about customer service and overhead – two things small business owners have traditionally managed well.

While Big Business struggles with expensive layoffs and employee turn over, small businesses are building durable working relationships with those employees who have been with them for years. It’s all about loyalty an doing the right thing. A. Harrison Barnes says the smaller businesses don’t have the frustrations their larger competitors have because the workplace is a bit more intimate and employees and employers often work side by side.  There’s a true communications effort that is consistent and well, honest.

Even the Small Business Administration is reporting a steady influx of new business loans, even as bigger companies are relying on stimulus funds. These loans, of course, play a significant role in the economy as a whole. It’s a cycle that when works, works well.  Small businesses borrow funds to grow or improve their equipment, locations and services; all the while, they hire local people to do the work, which stimulates local economies. And so the cycle goes. It’s these thought processes our country was built on, after all.

And what about big job boards like A. Harrison Barnes says small business owners are just as savvy about recruiting the best employees for the positions they have available. Even the smallest businesses, those with less than five employees, are tech savvy and know the use of serve a purpose as they seek new talent. Even better is the potential employees who began looking for job opportunities down one avenue are finding offers that while similar to their areas of expertise, are still challenging enough for them to consider working for smaller companies.  It turns out to be advantageous for everyone.

Health insurance and other benefits are always incredible bargaining chips; however, many job seekers know the odds of discovering these benefits with even the bigger companies can be problematic in current day.  Smaller companies work with their employers to find that happy medium; after all, they have families too. It often works to everyone’s advantage to locate those smaller policies that provide coverage but don’t cost the big bucks other companies routinely pay.

So is the new trend in businesses? Not necessarily; it’s always been this way, the problem is, most of us were chasing the career opportunities at the larger businesses.  Many are discovering the trade-off of expense reports, company cars and other perks are worth the more conducive workplace and close knit relationships many small business owners have with their employees. As time has proven, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. While more of us are being reminded of the atmosphere at a smaller business, we’re seeing first hand the many benefits of Mom & Pop USA.

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