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If you’re considering going into the medical field and aren’t sure which avenue to pursue, there’s one choice you might not have considered: becoming an ultrasound technician.  We’re put together some of the facts about this exciting career and as A. Harrison Barnes, founder of, explains, your options after completing your educational requirements are plentiful and financially rewarding.  It’s an ideal way to meet new people and to make a real difference in the lives of others.

What is an Ultrasound Technician?

Ultrasound technicians are those who gain training in ultrasonography, which is the use of sound to create images.  The sound waves move in different speeds, thereby producing certain echoes or reverberations which can then be seen.  The use of ultrasonography has been expanded over the years to include many parts of the body.  While we’re most familiar with those ultrasounds taken during a woman’s pregnancy, the fact is, they can be used on nearly any part of the body.

An ultrasound technician, sometimes referred to as sonographers, uses very specialized equipment to gain those sound waves and record the findings.  They often work in such specialties as OBGYN and all things related to women’s health, echocardiography for those problems associated with the heart, neurosonology for one’s brain and opthamology for one’s vision and eye muscles. The founder says this field continues to grow as ultrasound technicians begin to really hone in on those areas they wish to build their medical careers around.

Educational Requirements

Usually, a two year Associate’s degree from an accredited Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs School is required, a high school diploma and ideally, the best students will possess math and/or science skills as well.  Some states allow those already employed in the medical profession to opt for a one year certification course, but you’ll need to check with your state’s licensing board, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Advancement Opportunities

As with most specialties in the medical field, the opportunities for advancement are many and expansive.  It’s truly a very rewarding career.  Most agree that registering as a professional ultrasound technician through the American Registry for diagnostic Medical Sonography, or ARDMS, is vital.


It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact salary range because of the many factors that go into these positions.  Your choice of specialty, the region of the country you live in and your level experience will all play a role in the kinds of salaries you’ll be offered.  That said, a general mid point is around $58,000 annually.

Clearly, the advantages to choosing this career option are many.  Frankly, the downsides are few, if any.  Many professionals agree they can’t imagine themselves doing anything else.  For more information on the job market for ultrasound technicians, be sure to visit A. Harrison Barnes’s family of employment sites, beginning with  Here you’ll be able to discover much more about the kinds of jobs that are being offered in this field.

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