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Few businesses of any size don’t have a website, a Facebook page and/or a blog. The problem many have discovered is they either don’t have the time or the right personnel to write the content. This is where a good freelance writer can benefit your business. First, because you’re hiring a freelancer, there’s no need to negotiate vacation, health insurance and other benefits. You agree on a per article or project basis or even an hourly rate (though most agree a “per project” fee is best), and explain the parameters of your project. From there, the writer conducts the research and completes the writing per your guidelines.

The right writer can help your business communicate with your clients and potential clients. Further, when content is updated regularly on a blog, your blog is more apt to return better search engine results. The best writers will know how to use the latest blogging tools, including Word Press and Type Pad. Further, they will know how to insert links and upload photographs – each taking the visitor straight to your website.

That’s not all many writers can do, however. Many have superb newsletter and brochure writing skills. They can easily create advertisements, sales letters, operating manuals and procedures, reports, public relations material and even catalogs. As you’re searching for your freelance writer, be sure to ask the extent of his or her capabilities; you may be surprised at how one person can solve many of your writing and creative dilemmas.

As A. Harrison Barnes, a leading career coach recalls, one company recently revealed in an interview that the blog it allowed a freelance writer to take over resulted in a four hundred percent increase in traffic to its website. That’s quite impressive and it was due solely to the ability of the writer to draw in customers with proper grammar and the use of the right keywords.

Isn’t Freelancing the Same as Outsourcing?

In many ways, the two are interchangeable; however, many equate outsourcing to sending work overseas. While this is true in many instances, you’re going to likely look for an American writer, since they can better compile content that’s error free and with the right nuances that are part of the English language. The last thing you want to do is hire an inexperienced writer from another country because they appear to be more affordable. You’ll pay far more than what you save as you attempt to pull away from the wrong writer. That said, there are writers that can be found via outsourcing methods and that will provide high quality writing, but the odds of you finding one who doesn’t understand basic English writing rules are far greater. Save your outsourcing dollars for other tasks.

Finally, after you’ve made the decision to freelance a writing project or two, you’ll want to consider the many writers who are part of the network. Here, you’ll find a wide rang of writers with different specialties and strong points. A. Harrison Barnes agrees, “Many writers have certain areas they really know and enjoy. Many of our clients will simply state in their job opening the need for a technical writer and then are amazed at the number of talented writers who also happen to be experts in technical writing.”

See for yourself – visit today and post your freelance project at no charge. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without the team of employment experts.

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