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Earlier this month, BP announced its plans to amp up efforts of paying claims to those residents along the five coastal states who have suffered financial losses as a result of the Gulf oil spill. With billions set aside strictly for the use of paying out these claims, there is a need for those who are familiar with this specific job description. While the goal is to give first choice for filling these jobs to those living in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida, it’s clear this effort is huge and will likely require an effort unlike anything else we’ve seen. Further, in an effort to maintain transparency in the process, there’s a fine line the oil giant must walk in terms of hiring only those who are affected and who may have family members being affected as well. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of agrees the spotlight, already shining brightly on the oil company, will certainly be present during what is sure to be a very long process.

So what kind of skills are needed for these jobs? As mentioned, those with a background in handling claims processes will be at an advantage, says the founder. Further, he says that while this is catastrophic and the need is urgent, the oil company has one shot at getting it right. It will require the services of outside placement efforts. This is only one of the many good reasons for considering job aggregate sites such as Other skills that will put candidates at an advantage:

“    Detail oriented

“    Those who work well under stress will be a big benefit not only for the company, but for the millions who found themselves without their source of income

“    Ability to remain organized, focused and with a desire to see each claim through to its conclusion

“    Computer skills will be a necessity

There will be various orientation phases and those chosen for these positions will be required to remain cool under pressure. To be sure, tensions will run high, says A. Harrison Barnes. Another important consideration for those who might be thinking about any of these positions is the fact you’ll likely need to relocate, at least on a temporary basis. Still, this is a great opportunity for anyone who plays a role in bringing this disaster to its end.

Finally, while these jobs are currently being created and defined, it’s unknown what the salaries will look like. As BP continues its efforts of stopping the still-flowing oil spill, it simultaneously is working to keep the bases covered from the financial aspect.

Now’s the time to get your resume together. Don’t forget and its team of professionals that can ensure yours is the best it can be; remember, there likely will be a lot of competition for these positions. You have one chance to make your good impression – and it comes in the form of your resume.

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