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Nursing is a profession that only the most qualified apply for, there is a measure of caring and kindness that must be presented before a person can undertake the educational requirements. The fact that people are always going to get sick and need care is an advantage to those who want to seek a career in the health field. To those who continue within the medical community, there are some High Paying Jobs available in nursing.

Employment is on the rise for Qualified Nurses and jobs that require a post secondary degree. Some of the highest paying careers in nursing demand that a Para professional have longevity in their specialty.

Head of nursing is the highest level of nursing, it generally requires a master’s degree in nursing, and this career is one that deals with nursing as well as with executive members on the hospital board. A business degree is also a plus to have on your vitae when applying for this job. Many heads of nursing have to know policy and how to convey that information to the top management in order to make the nursing staff operate with efficiency. The pay for this position is in this highest range.

A nurse anesthetist is a specialized nursing degree. Also known as (CRNA), Certified Registered Nurse anesthetists, this title pays the most out of the nursing degrees because of the educational requirements needed. In order to obtain CRNA status you must have a year in the acute care level and another two years of anesthesia training and you must pass the certification exam. Although this career is sought after because of the income, it also allows you to work in many different areas where anesthesia is used such as surgery, dental offices, and plastic surgery.

Nursing directors are usually in charge of nurses and work within the Nursing Profession. Nurses that provide leadership skills and can work with a team goal in mind find that a nursing director position is a great fit for them. This person also works with administration to help make the policies that run the nursing department flexible but also professionally sound. This position is often done behind a desk but when the need arises, the nursing director can be on the floor helping with the other nurses. This career requires an advanced degree such as business or administration.

Midwifery is a fast growing profession. Many expected mothers rely on a midwife to help them birth their baby, a birth plan is usually requested, and sometimes a doctor will attend the birth if it’s done at a hospital. Education is based on state requirements, some states require a master’s degree in nursing and midwifery training and some do not, the only requirement is that you are a registered nurse first then the department of education sets the standards. If there are no educational facilities close by that do offer midwifery training, distance learning is available. This allows you to rank clinical training in place of educational training.

A head nurse is a job that allows the department to be overseen by one central figure. The head nurse is in charge of making sure that all the nurses are scheduled properly and that all the charting is up to date. This is often a rotational position and some nurses who enjoy the challenging aspect of management find this career fulfilling. This is not just a job but also a chance to show management above the department who has the skills to run the department professionally. The experience level is different for each department; some require at least five years experience while others require less.

Nurse practitioners usually have a master’s degree and can practice their skills in many environments. They can work in health clinics, hospitals, and hospice and veterans hospitals. They can specialize in a certain field and work solely within the realms of those requirements. Because they are specialized that are allowed to work without doctor supervision, you must be board certified though, and this exam is the main crux of becoming a nurse practitioner. The employment in this position is rising because of medical clinics that have a shortage of doctors available.

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