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Do you wish to be as successful as the people who have reached the peaks of their career and life? Do you want to know what the characteristic traits of such people are? Successful people possess excellent managerial skills which help them reach the top. However, the fact is not every person in this world has leadership qualities. Many are either born with such qualities and others learn from others and handle situations as required.

When people follow you willingly, you are defined as a leader– the ultimate person at the work place. Leaders do wonders for their organization by taking on challenges and ultimately take their positions to great heights. According to A. Harrison Barnes, a leader can be identified by the qualities he or she possesses. Following are the characteristics of a leader mentioned by A. Harrison Barnes.

Courage to Take on Difficult Tasks

You must have noticed that your superiors and few of your colleagues have the courage to perform any given task. These people do not fear the outcome of their tasks. They execute their assigned responsibilities regardless of every risk involved. Such individuals are known as leaders. Courage is the basic characteristic of a person in charge. They will do the right thing when required even it involves taking risks.

Integrity Attracts Others Automatically

A. Harrison Barnes views integrity as a combination of inner values and outward actions of a person. An individual with integrity is the most reliable person for he or she is the one on whom others can depend. People will only follow a person who can be trusted. They believe that their leader will never change the statements made. Therefore, people who handle projects have integrity along with courage which presents them as an icon before others. You can recognize integrity in a person through the way he or she deals with situations. Some of them are– honest dealings while executing a task, conventional reactions at work, having control over emotions, and reasonably good behavior.

Vision to Move Forward

The most important ability of a leader is to have a clear view of the objectives that are to be achieved within a certain period of time. The aims or the targets can be of the team he or she is working with or can be of the organization. The leaders are aware of the job, they know where to go and thus perform accordingly, says A. Harrison Barnes. They even ensure that the view they keep in order to complete a task is conveyed clearly as well as passionately to his or her team members. The leaders have the ability to look at success even before they have achieved it. This is possible only because they are aware of what is to be done and how it is to be done. Such a trait makes people follow him.

Humility is What Everyone Appreciates

Being humble in nature is very important for every leader. This attitude allows them to recognize them at the same position as other members of their team. A humble leader, according to A. Harrison Barnes, makes his followers understand that he is not like god rather he belongs to the same platform as others. The leader with such a characteristic is not full of self-pride; in fact he tries to raise others around him.

Inspire Others to Perform

A successful leader has the capability to inspire others to perform the way he does. The vision that the leader possesses is passed on to the coworkers so that they can even execute the tasks with full efficiency as him. He makes the followers realize their potential and skills and make them give better performance at work. The objectives he has aimed for are passed on to the fellow members so that even they work for achieving the goals set by their organization. A. Harrison Barnes says that a good leader will always persuade his or her team to perform their best for both their own careers and the organization.

Commitment Helps in Performing Well

The leader has to dedicate him completely to the task in order to inspire his followers. He has to give his complete energy and time to accomplish the given task. If he is successful in showing full enthusiasm at work, the other members will try their best to achieve what the leader is wishing for. They will learn to achieve great things in life if they can inspire themselves through leader’s devotion. If you think you posses the above mentioned features, you are surely a leader. You will not only help the organization with your efforts but will also inspire other coworkers to be the same.

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