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Wondering where the best jobs that don’t require a college degree are? So were we. We’ve pulled together a list of the highest paying jobs that don’t require secondary educations. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of says these jobs are proof that success does not have to be synonymous with “college degree”:

  • Air Traffic Controller – You might not be able to travel the globe, but you can sure direct the big birds filled with people who do. And what can you earn? How about $100 thousand a year?
  • Sales Managers – More specifically, a non-retail sales manager can expect to earn around $60,000 annually.
  • Fire Marshals or Fire Fighting Prevention Supervisors – One of the most noble and admirable careers, these firefighters net around $60,000 a year, depending on where they’re located. With state certifications usually the only educational requirements needed, these are rewarding careers, says A. Harrison Barnes.
  • Elevator Installers and Repairers – Imagine the panic of being caught on an elevator between floors. Become the hero that saves the day – and a well paid one – by learning to get folks to safety. And while you’re at it, earn close to $59,000 each year.
  • Dental Hygienists – Usually a two year course is required, but each state varies. Once you’re certified, you can easily bring in $58,000 if you’re good at helping patients put their best smiles forward.
  • Child Support Enforcement Officers – If you can keep your cool after hearing nine million excuses as to why that new Harley was more of a priority than paying child support, you can earn around $54,000 a year for helping kids get what they deserve.
  • Immigrations and Customs Inspectors – These federal jobs offer annual salaries of around $54,000.
  • Nursing Jobs – There’s always been a great need for those willing to help those who can’t help themselves. Nursing is not for the faint-hearted, but if you can do your job well, expect to earn between $54k and up to $215,000 each year.
  • Truck Driver Jobs – Become a part of America’s resources for moving goods and commodities and be rewarded handsomely with salaries of up to $300,000 each year. Keep in mind, you’ll generally start with a more conservative salary of around $35,000. Check with your home state for licensing requirements
  • Real Estate Brokers – Know how to read an appraisal and what LTV means? Then you have the makings for becoming an excellent real estate broker. Your income potential starts at close to $63,000 in a year’s time. And by the way, LTV means “loan to value”.

And there you have it! The better news is the availability of many jobs as those mentioned above right now on Need help compiling the right resume? Let your staff help. We offer a resume service that can you help you put your best foot forward as you seek to land one of the best career opportunities available.

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