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Choosing a college major is the key to your career. This decision will affect your career in a significant way. The decision of choosing the right college major is a tough process. You need to know what exactly you want, what interests you the most and which subject can help you lead the kind of life that you desire. You need to be very clear in choosing your college major so that you needn’t shift to another major after choosing one.

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of Employment, suggests that you spend enough time on the subject before you take a decision. Always remember that it is the decision of your life. Narrow your focus to only specific majors that interests you. You need to know which college offers your subject and then choose the best. There are many colleges that offer double majors and some of them also offer you triple majors. There are even colleges that offer both minors and majors.

Choosing a major in a specific academic subject is important for it will show your high level of work in one field, says A. Harrison Barnes. You may go in for major in two fields or have a minor and a major or you even have the choice of creating your own major according to the choice of college. Many options will help you have a better choice and will lead you to a good career.

Your major will help you land your first job after graduation. Though there is a possibility of you shifting to another career or in fact careers during your life, this is not good unless you have a very specific reason. So deciding on a major is important for your life, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Complete Assessment of Yourself

The decision of choosing a college major is a personal one that requires focus on the subject. You need to spend a lot of time thinking about your likes and dislikes, the goals that you have set for yourself, skills and talents that you possess and also your abilities to perform.

You need to be clear of what excites you or what kind of career appeals you. You even have to see if your choice will allow you to live in the place you wish to. According to A. Harrison Barnes the most important thing you need to take care of is your happiness; you need to decide what makes you happy and how happy will you be with your choice of major in future.

You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses; examine what exactly you value in work i.e. working under pressure, stability, status, helping society, pacing, having a positive impact on others, group affiliation, working alone or as a team.

Narrow down Your Choices

According to A. Harrison Barnes the self-assessment that you make about yourself will make you narrow down your choices. Once you have a better idea of the careers that you are looking forward to, you can list them. And then decide on one major that will build your career and take you to the top. Then you need to decide which college is most suitable for you.

Take help from Career Counselors

You even have the choice of consulting with a career counselor. They can guide you with books and self-assessment tools. They can also guide you to faculty member who can answer you about a department that you are thinking about. This helps you get a complete picture of the department – its professors, the kind of guidance you can expect from them, the curriculums that is required and so on. A. Harrison Barnes says that these career counselors even guide you in preparing your resumes when required.

This way you would have chosen the right major that will lead you to a perfect career and a perfect life.

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