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Ultrasound Technician

If you’re considering going into the medical field and aren’t sure which avenue to pursue, there’s one choice you might not have considered: becoming an ultrasound technician.  We’re put together some of the facts about this exciting career and as A. Harrison Barnes, founder of, explains, your options after completing your educational requirements are plentiful and financially rewarding.  It’s an ideal way to meet new people and to make a real difference in the lives of others.

What is an Ultrasound Technician?

Ultrasound technicians are those who gain training in ultrasonography, which is the use of sound to create images.  The sound waves move in different speeds, thereby producing certain echoes or reverberations which can then be seen.  The use of ultrasonography has been expanded over the years to include many parts of the body.  While we’re most familiar with those ultrasounds taken during a woman’s pregnancy, the fact is, they can be used on nearly any part of the body.

An ultrasound technician, sometimes referred to as sonographers, uses very specialized equipment to gain those sound waves and record the findings.  They often work in such specialties as OBGYN and all things related to women’s health, echocardiography for those problems associated with the heart, neurosonology for one’s brain and opthamology for one’s vision and eye muscles. The founder says this field continues to grow as ultrasound technicians begin to really hone in on those areas they wish to build their medical careers around.

Educational Requirements

Usually, a two year Associate’s degree from an accredited Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs School is required, a high school diploma and ideally, the best students will possess math and/or science skills as well.  Some states allow those already employed in the medical profession to opt for a one year certification course, but you’ll need to check with your state’s licensing board, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Advancement Opportunities

As with most specialties in the medical field, the opportunities for advancement are many and expansive.  It’s truly a very rewarding career.  Most agree that registering as a professional ultrasound technician through the American Registry for diagnostic Medical Sonography, or ARDMS, is vital.


It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact salary range because of the many factors that go into these positions.  Your choice of specialty, the region of the country you live in and your level experience will all play a role in the kinds of salaries you’ll be offered.  That said, a general mid point is around $58,000 annually.

Clearly, the advantages to choosing this career option are many.  Frankly, the downsides are few, if any.  Many professionals agree they can’t imagine themselves doing anything else.  For more information on the job market for ultrasound technicians, be sure to visit A. Harrison Barnes’s family of employment sites, beginning with  Here you’ll be able to discover much more about the kinds of jobs that are being offered in this field.

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Accounting Audit Jobs

Accounting is necessary for any organization doing any kind of business anywhere in the world. In most countries, accounting is guided by GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles. Any firm or business has to keep record of all its financial transactions, and has to undergo internal or external audits whenever required. Accounting audit jobs may be available anywhere in the country. Such accounting audit jobs may be available in a firm specializing in accounting, or the accounting department of a firm, or even the audit department of the regulators. Accounting audit jobs are some of the most reputed jobs in accounting. They can be classified into internal audit jobs and external audit jobs. Internal audit jobs include performing audits of various departments or activities performed as business or operations in the firm. Candidates who are looking for accounting job openings may be looking for jobs on jobsites.

Jobseekers can look for work from home opportunities with The website acts as a platform to provide freelancing support to employers or seekers all over the world. Such freelancing support is provided by freelancers or solvers in various disciplines. Seekers or employers can register with the website and post their jobs or tasks on the website, which are accessed and worked upon by solvers or freelancers. On submission, the employers can check out the work done and approve the tasks for payments. Such payments can be made to the solver on sole discretion of the seeker, subject to the seeker’s finding the quality of work done to be satisfactory.

The website offers fair chance to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Students, housewives, working professionals and retired professionals can go for these tasks. Accounting job openings may also be available on the website. ShortTask has helped many individuals and families earn some extra money. Generally these jobs are simple and can be performed by most people with no or minimal experience or expertise in the field. The site has further extended the scope of such tasks to complex IT jobs where expertise in specific areas is required. It is definitely not a bad idea checking out the website as a seeker or a solver.

Internal Audit Jobs, Accounting Job Openings

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Environmental Psychologists

Does the perfect jury exist? If you’re a psychologist who’s opted to combine a psychological background with the American legal sector, you know that if it’s not completely possible, your skills have allowed both the prosecution and defense to come really close to putting together that perfect jury. Judging by just a few of the contemporary and infamous trials in recent history, it appears there is indeed a high level of accuracy in terms of how a forensic psychologist guides his legal team during voir dire, according to founder and attorney, A. Harrison Barnes. In fact, jury consulting is one of those fast growing areas, with hundreds of various firms that report annual profits into the stratosphere. But what is it that an environmental or forensic psychologist can bring to the table? Because of their educational background, a psychological consultant can carefully word the questions on jury questionnaires, they can catch the slightest of nuances on a potential juror’s face as he’s being questioned by either side and not surprisingly, a psychological background allows for an accurate and fast reading of facial movements and body language that could reveal far more than any lay person can even begin to understand.

As humans, each of us is shaped by our life experiences. Childhood experiences, our level of education, morals, religion, political views and even sexual orientation are all factors a juror uses subconsciously when hearing and deciding a case, says A. Harrison Barnes. A psychologist can take all of these factors, both obvious and subtle, and quickly provide a juror profile. Because the most obvious jurors with definitive bias or other “deal breakers” are usually immediately sent home by the judge; forensic psychologist must work with those who remain. Their goal is to catch certain nuances and tell-tale narrowing of the eyes, a shift to one side of a chair to the other and even whether or not they lean in to listen or take a more relaxed stance with legs stretched out all tell a story.

“It’s a fast growing sector within the legal field and an extremely important one, at that”, says the founder. In fact, lawyers rely on their consultants to ensure aspects like whether or not an attorney and potential juror can “connect” and whether or not the juror will be able to approach the evidence with an open mind or even if the signs exist that he will attempt to hide bias. Engineering the perfect panel requires, of course, an educational background in both psychology and law and this is also one of those fields where experience counts.

During the 2004 murder trial of Scott Peterson, who was convicted and sentenced to death in California for the death of his wife and unborn son, one juror, nicknamed Strawberry Shortcake because of her ever-changing hair colors, became the proverbial “perfect specimen” as far as jurors go. The psychological consultant for the prosecution had paid close attention to the tattooed wife and mother who was clearly a “free spirit”. No one was quite sure why she wasn’t eliminated at any stage, but when the prosecutor asked her about her tattoos, Howard Varinsky, the prosecutor’s consultant, noticed what he calls a “microexpression of rage” before she covered it. She knew the educated lawyers were really asking if she could play a responsible role in the trial that was receiving global attention. Varinsky continued, saying he “knew she would never walk Scott Peterson. Ever.” The prosecutors trusted Varinsky’s instinct and kept her. Of course, Peterson was convicted weeks later.

For those who are passionate about both the medical and legal fields, this is a great opportunity to combine the two and make a significant contribution to both fields in the process.

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Empower Your Employees

The phrase, “empower your employees” has become somewhat controversial, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of the renowned job aggregate site Many employers take exception to those who insist it’s their role to empower their employees. The purpose, however, seems to get lost in translation. While it’s certainly not an employer’s responsibility to motivate or energize an employee, there are things every employer can do that will empower those who work for him. In fact, it’s not so much what an employer does, but rather, it’s what he doesn’t do that really makes a major difference in the overall work environment. A. Harrison Barnes explains, “When an employer provides definitive ideas of what he expects a project to look like at its conclusion and then steps back in a leap of faith, his employees feel more empowered. They feel as though there’s trust in their abilities and experience and they are far more likely to present a project that they are extremely proud of”. On the other hand, Barnes continues, “Those employers who assign a project and then follow up three times a day, checks in with others involved with the project for a “status update” and generally attempt to babysit the employees from start to finish, there is a good possibility that resentment will kick in and the employees will detach themselves from the pride that goes into a job well done”.

It makes sense, according to career coaches all over the country. It’s little wonder that employees say that’s their biggest frustration at the office – the sense that they are not allowed the opportunity to really show their capabilities. We all want to know confidence has been placed in us; it’s just human nature, says the founder. We’re going to be far better equipped with each new project if we’re not hindered by a boss who feels as though he has to micromanage the team at every turn. So how can a strong leader delegate and then step back with confidence in his team? Barnes offers these tips:

” Communication is crucial, but not in the way a manger might think. You already know you can ask for updates, after all, you’re the boss, right? Your goal should be to reiterate to your team that they are free to come to you with any glitches or problems they encounter. Sounds easy enough, right? The trick is trusting that they’ll do that and not panicking by the fourth day when you realize no one’s approached you.

” Showing your support is the biggest and most important leap of faith you can extend your employees. No one’s saying you should remove yourself from the project, but if you’ve assigned different roles, every few days, stick your head in the door for a quick, “everything running OK? Do you need anything?” and then trusting that their reply of, “everything’s good and so far, we have everything we need” is accurate.

” Understand that while your team might have had an absolute clear understanding of what you expect, sometimes after you’re into a project, the priorities shift. This where being an excellent leader comes into play. When the priorities shift, your goal is to shift the expectations accordingly.

Empowering your employees doesn’t mean you babysit or hand-hold; in fact, it’s just the opposite.

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By the Numbers: Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School is the prince among higher learning institutions of the world. Few lawyers don’t dream of displaying a Harvard diploma on their walls. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is the country’s second oldest law school in the country. Not only that, but it also houses the largest law library in the world, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder. Let’s take a look at the breakdown that makes up this prestigious learning institute.

First things first, says the founder. If you want to submit an application, be sure to send the fee, which is $75 for each application, along with your package. This, of course, is likely the lowest fee you’ll spend after acceptance and for many, it’s a real bargain. Harvard’s an expensive school, and rightfully so. The private ABA Accredited school was founded in 1817 and defined the standards in first year curriculums for the country’s other law schools to follow. These include contracts, property, torts, criminal law and civil procedures. This, by the way, has been in place since 1870 when Dean Christopher Columbus Langdell defined it. It’s still in practice in current day, too.

In 2009, Harvard Law School received 6,630 applications and admitted a mere 834, which averages out to around 13%. 558 matriculated, as well. Think you want to pursue your legal degree on a part time basis? If so, knock Harvard off your list; it offers no part time JD programs and likely never will. A. Harrison Barnes says there are approximately 127 full time faculty on board and 28 part timers. The student to faculty ratio in 2007 was 10.5. Those are quite the numbers, no doubt.

Clearly, there’s a reason Harvard grads can write their own fate as they apply to various law firms around the world. They, as potential students, are carefully chosen from pools of many potential candidates. They’re also quickly pursued the closer they get to graduation. Wasting the opportunity is simply not an option. Just as the parents who are footing the bill, says the founder. Speaking of tuition, not quite 40% are receiving grant aid and tuition for one year is around $40,000. Living expenses run close to $20,000 per year. Cambridge is, after all, one of the more costly places to live in the U.S. Nearly 14% are receiving half tuition rates, 25% are attending on scholarships and 1.3% are attending without having to pay the tuition rates.

The college does offer on campus housing, law school dorms and other graduate dorms and a fully 96% of the graduates from 2005 went to work after graduation.

Sounds impressive, yes? It’s a realistic goal if you’re considering applying to Harvard. Difficult, overwhelming – but as Barnes says, always a possibility.

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A Growing Sector in the Legal Profession

No one was surprised to see bankruptcy, unemployment and even divorce lawyers grow their practices in the past few years. In the midst of all of the emotional decisions brought on by strained divorces and job losses, another sector of the law profession was quietly growing, too. Animal rights lawyers have been seeing steady increases in the number of clients who wish to do everything from include their precious animals in their wills to eviction issues about pets between landlord and tenants.

Some attorneys are become quite familiar with First Amendment rights, too, says A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder. Usually, these are activists who wish to voice their opinions on animal abuse and are facing efforts to quell their voices. Some lawyers are reporting a growing number of lawsuits against dog owners whose pets attacked or bit a neighbor or visitor.

It’s also not uncommon for environmental law to combine with animal rights. Whether it’s protecting endangered species or the growing wildlife problem on the Gulf Coast related to the BP oil spill, the lines are blurring between these two specialties.

Clearly, there are many facets to this interesting specialty. In early 2010, Swiss voters rejected a proposal that would allow appointment of lawyers to represent abused animals in court. This vote, had it passed, would have been applicable to every region of that country. More than 70% of voters chose not to pay for more than 25 attorneys to be on call to protect abused and neglected animals, including dogs and cats. Unfortunately, one lawyer had recently represented a dead fish, which might have had something to do with voters declining to pass the proposal. The case revolved around a Zurich fisherman who was accused of torture for wrestling with a pike for ten minutes before finally being able to reel it in. One expert said voters took the stance that their lunch did not need legal representation.

Regardless of what’s going on in Switzerland, in the U.S., the field continues to grow as more animal abuse and torture cases are making their way into mainstream media. One Memphis attorney said animals are vulnerable and have no voice. A passionate animal lawyer who also happens to have a degree in law ensures they do and levels the playing field against animal abusers.

A. Harrison Barnes agrees, “It’s a growing specialty for a reason; people are growing weary of seeing the devastating images of abuse against animals.” Not only that, but he says recent interest on also indicates the growth potential of this sector of law. He says trends are easily identified simply by observing the real time aggregate of openings for lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries.

Sadly, it appears the need will continue to rise as more abuse is uncovered; whether it’s dog fighting or neglect.

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Landing that Coveted Internship is Only the Beginning

All that hard work paid off and now, you’re gearing up for a summer internship with the law firm of your dreams. Before you get too settled, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney, career coach and founder of, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to land a full time job next year. And in order to do that, you need to have a good idea of what your partners are noticing about you. It’s never too early, but it’s up to you to decide if you leave a good impression or if they can’t wait for your internship to wrap up so they can bid you a final goodbye.

Long before you ever garner any interest from the head honchoes in your skills as a legal contender, you’re going to want to make a good impression with your people skills. This means you need to have the ability to get along with your co-workers and the firm’s clients. You need to have filters and the common sense to understand that just because it’s on your mind, it doesn’t have to be on your tongue. Yes – that counts. And yes – it makes a huge difference; a firm would rather have a recent law school graduate with a 3.8 GPA and manners than one who graduates at the top of his class but has no concept of biting his tongue, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Another important “must have”, says the founder, is the ability of an intern to know partying all night and showing up the next morning with the stamped ink on your hand and smelling of stale cigarettes and booze is not acceptable. Before you think to yourself, “Duh…that’s common sense”, that’s what we thought too. You’d be amazed, though, at how many approach their internships with the “I’m here on time…my mission is completed”. That’s one sure fire way of not receiving a job offer.

Barnes says the best interns are those who want to know everything. They take nothing for granted. They want to know why a partner chose a particular strategy, they want to know where the ink cartridges are and they want to know how the filing system works.  “That’s the difference in an exceptional young attorney and one who leaves no evidence of his ever having interned at a firm”.

Finally, Barnes says all legal firms appreciate those who believe they represent their employer at all times. For some firms, the intern who remains aware of how his actions affect other aspects of his life are the ones who will be solid leaders in the legal sector they ultimately choose – and those are the ones who will always remain in big demand, recession or no.

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Claims Processors for the Gulf Coast Region – Part 3 in a Series of 4

Earlier this month, BP announced its plans to amp up efforts of paying claims to those residents along the five coastal states who have suffered financial losses as a result of the Gulf oil spill. With billions set aside strictly for the use of paying out these claims, there is a need for those who are familiar with this specific job description. While the goal is to give first choice for filling these jobs to those living in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida, it’s clear this effort is huge and will likely require an effort unlike anything else we’ve seen. Further, in an effort to maintain transparency in the process, there’s a fine line the oil giant must walk in terms of hiring only those who are affected and who may have family members being affected as well. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of agrees the spotlight, already shining brightly on the oil company, will certainly be present during what is sure to be a very long process.

So what kind of skills are needed for these jobs? As mentioned, those with a background in handling claims processes will be at an advantage, says the founder. Further, he says that while this is catastrophic and the need is urgent, the oil company has one shot at getting it right. It will require the services of outside placement efforts. This is only one of the many good reasons for considering job aggregate sites such as Other skills that will put candidates at an advantage:

“    Detail oriented

“    Those who work well under stress will be a big benefit not only for the company, but for the millions who found themselves without their source of income

“    Ability to remain organized, focused and with a desire to see each claim through to its conclusion

“    Computer skills will be a necessity

There will be various orientation phases and those chosen for these positions will be required to remain cool under pressure. To be sure, tensions will run high, says A. Harrison Barnes. Another important consideration for those who might be thinking about any of these positions is the fact you’ll likely need to relocate, at least on a temporary basis. Still, this is a great opportunity for anyone who plays a role in bringing this disaster to its end.

Finally, while these jobs are currently being created and defined, it’s unknown what the salaries will look like. As BP continues its efforts of stopping the still-flowing oil spill, it simultaneously is working to keep the bases covered from the financial aspect.

Now’s the time to get your resume together. Don’t forget and its team of professionals that can ensure yours is the best it can be; remember, there likely will be a lot of competition for these positions. You have one chance to make your good impression – and it comes in the form of your resume.

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High Paying Nursing Jobs

Nursing is a profession that only the most qualified apply for, there is a measure of caring and kindness that must be presented before a person can undertake the educational requirements. The fact that people are always going to get sick and need care is an advantage to those who want to seek a career in the health field. To those who continue within the medical community, there are some High Paying Jobs available in nursing.

Employment is on the rise for Qualified Nurses and jobs that require a post secondary degree. Some of the highest paying careers in nursing demand that a Para professional have longevity in their specialty.

Head of nursing is the highest level of nursing, it generally requires a master’s degree in nursing, and this career is one that deals with nursing as well as with executive members on the hospital board. A business degree is also a plus to have on your vitae when applying for this job. Many heads of nursing have to know policy and how to convey that information to the top management in order to make the nursing staff operate with efficiency. The pay for this position is in this highest range.

A nurse anesthetist is a specialized nursing degree. Also known as (CRNA), Certified Registered Nurse anesthetists, this title pays the most out of the nursing degrees because of the educational requirements needed. In order to obtain CRNA status you must have a year in the acute care level and another two years of anesthesia training and you must pass the certification exam. Although this career is sought after because of the income, it also allows you to work in many different areas where anesthesia is used such as surgery, dental offices, and plastic surgery.

Nursing directors are usually in charge of nurses and work within the Nursing Profession. Nurses that provide leadership skills and can work with a team goal in mind find that a nursing director position is a great fit for them. This person also works with administration to help make the policies that run the nursing department flexible but also professionally sound. This position is often done behind a desk but when the need arises, the nursing director can be on the floor helping with the other nurses. This career requires an advanced degree such as business or administration.

Midwifery is a fast growing profession. Many expected mothers rely on a midwife to help them birth their baby, a birth plan is usually requested, and sometimes a doctor will attend the birth if it’s done at a hospital. Education is based on state requirements, some states require a master’s degree in nursing and midwifery training and some do not, the only requirement is that you are a registered nurse first then the department of education sets the standards. If there are no educational facilities close by that do offer midwifery training, distance learning is available. This allows you to rank clinical training in place of educational training.

A head nurse is a job that allows the department to be overseen by one central figure. The head nurse is in charge of making sure that all the nurses are scheduled properly and that all the charting is up to date. This is often a rotational position and some nurses who enjoy the challenging aspect of management find this career fulfilling. This is not just a job but also a chance to show management above the department who has the skills to run the department professionally. The experience level is different for each department; some require at least five years experience while others require less.

Nurse practitioners usually have a master’s degree and can practice their skills in many environments. They can work in health clinics, hospitals, and hospice and veterans hospitals. They can specialize in a certain field and work solely within the realms of those requirements. Because they are specialized that are allowed to work without doctor supervision, you must be board certified though, and this exam is the main crux of becoming a nurse practitioner. The employment in this position is rising because of medical clinics that have a shortage of doctors available.

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Relocating Your Legal Career

Before you start searching for a law job, you need to consider certain basic things. These include your compensation, your profile, your career growth and your willingness to relocate. Are you ready to relocate for your legal career? You need to give it a serious thought. Carefully weigh the advantages of such relocation and the pitfalls of the same as well. Once you have decided on moving to another city to boost your legal career you have the dual option of looking for opportunities in your current city and also beyond the state boundaries.

A. Harrison Barnes’s is one such job search engine where you can search for and apply for jobs from all over the world. They have a huge database which consists of jobs not only from the United States of America but also from around the world. This makes Legal Authority one of the best sources for law job seekers who are ready to relocate for their legal careers.

Legal Authority works on a motive of providing the best job to its members that they deserves and till date they have been successful in achieving their goal. The clients have been very satisfied by the services that are provided to them. The team of Legal analyses the needs of the client and help them with information about jobs thus satisfying their needs. A. Harrison Barnes’s Legal Authority is the best way to search for jobs at different geographical location.

One of the advantages of relocation is that you can look for jobs in a larger job market. This will allow you access to jobs that are beyond your current boundaries. It is a beneficial change for a lawyer as it adds value to his experience says A. Harrison Barnes, the proud owner and creator of the one of the best legal job placement board There is a sense of excitement in living and working in a new place. It gives you an opportunity to meet new people.

During your interview the decision to relocate will raise questions over why are you willing to relocate in the first place. You need to have a genuine and convincing answer to this question. The challenges faced during and after relocation have often resulted in lawyers not adjusting to their new surroundings. Thus, legal firms are extremely careful during an interview where a candidate wants to relocate. A. Harrison Barnes believes that if you can convince the firm that you are a stable employee looking for growth, the firm can take the decision in your favor.

Always check the readiness of the market to accept your services. Ensure that the kind of service which you can offer to a firm and to your clients should have a base in that region. A. Harrison Barnes says to ensure success you need to see your specialization in the field of law. Litigators have their clients and are despite any economic conditions are always in demand. However after relocation, a litigator may need to start from scratch and build a new client base. However, if your field of law is highly specialized, then a law firm may look at you to help them expand their portfolio of services.

The patent prosecutors are having the highest demand than any other lawyer practicing in any law field. It is so because they are few in number and even their work is very easily transferable, thus they take lesser time to adjust to a new market. Corporate attorneys can also relocate and secure a new job easily but they are not always marketable and heavily depends on the economic condition of the market they are relocating to says A. Harrison Barnes. But most attorneys are marketable as attorneys specialized in different areas of law will ultimately find a requirement in some market.

Thus you need to see if your field is transferable and is in equal demand in other markets. These are some of the key points which you need to keep in mind before relocating to a new market. Always remember to do your research and only then you should go ahead with your relocation. It can definitely add a boost to your career provided you take the right decisions.

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